Monday, 26 October 2015

Going To The Gym


I joined the gym.

I had to. The doctors made me.

They highlighted the years of pain I have been having in my neck, my upper back, my lower back, my shoulders, my knee & my foot. They said most of the pain will be reduced if I start to stretch and exercise at the gym. They highlighted the bulging mass keeping my t-shirt taught, not my chest, my stomach. They highlighted the fact I was knackered walking all the way from the car to the doctors because the car park was busy and I couldn't park within 5 m of their office.

So I joined the gym

Gym with Benefits

Here are the benefits I have found since joining the gym

  • My aches and pains are definitely getting better
  • My posture is looking less & less like my grandma's shortly before her 90th birthday
  • Day to day activities are significantly easier
  • The view from the gym is exceptional. I mean exceptional. So many big boobs & tight arses in clinging Nike leotards that must be expensive because they can't afford much material.
  • They have a sauna
  • They have steam room
  • They have a 'f**king' cold room
  • They have a swimming pool
  • I have a place to escape to (during the week)
  • I can take a guest on the weekend
  • Gyms are 24 hours nowadays!
  • I realise how hard it is to burn off 633 Kcal's! ie I eat less.
  • I am bonding with my teenage son as we lift weights together
  • I meet friends there
  • I am losing weight
  • I am gaining muscle
  • Did I mention they have a sauna
  • Did I mention the view!
  • I get a buzz after working out
  • I don't feel like a slob 
  • I get to use my expensive Bluetooth headphones
  • I get to listen to 90's techno again. Come on Joey Beltram!
  • Life is forgotten whilst in the Gym

Good advice from the doctors I reckon. Worth the effort to see them. And you should see the view!


  1. I think more Drs should tell patients to go to the gym! It really does help with an endless list of issues. Since I have started going earlier this year, I sleep better, feel better and am so much healthier. Which in turn has made me so much happier :)

  2. Thanks Natalie. It's certainly cheaper than pharmaceuticals and does a whole lot more. I think many people may not realise how 'fun', but also 'health conscious' gyms are these days. It's almost like we need a new name for them, maybe 'Body Service Centers'