Saturday, 15 July 2017

My Adventures With An Old Samsung S4 Mini lte, a Custom Lineage Rom & GApps

How I Restarted the gapps Wizard (or side stepped him at least) & Honoured Dead Monkeys 

This is only for Techie Geeks & specifically Android Geeks. If Google brought you here to find a possible solution to "Unfortunately Setup Wizard has stopped working" or "gapps setup wizard has stopped" then just read the last couple of paragraphs. The stuff inbetween is just me ranting.

Installing ROMS is Fun. When it Works

After 3 days of insanity and madness I have finally & successfully installed the latest Lineage Nougat rom on an old Samsung S4 mini (GT-I9195T) including and this is the amazing part the gapps pico package. Dun dun durrrrrn!


No, no, no, I am not going to list every download and instruction as to how I did it (there are thousands of such pages already), I am, however, going to tell you the hurdle(s) I hit and how I eventually solved it(them)

Now remember, if this helps you then I have saved you about 3 days of frustration, self doubt and sunlight, so please leave a comment and say thanks :-) Be nice.

Let Me Set The Scene

Rather than spend $100 on a basic GPS unit with speed alerts I want to use an old phone with a next to free Sygic speed app to tell me to slow down so I stop getting speeding tickets. As you may know I covered this here: How To Avoid Speeding Tickets.

Specifically I want to use an old Samsung Mini S4 I have lying around doing nothing. Suspecting many monkeys died in the building of the phone I figure it best to recycle and reuse. Also the phone is small which means it will work very well with my Heads Up Display attachment I have in the car (I know I haven't mentioned this yet!!! Relax, it will come soon)

Also, the S4 currently has the original Telstra/Samsung android version on it. I will get enormous satisfaction from removing it. More reward than is perhaps reasonable. However, the world doesn't need botched & vandalised android systems like this, and one less in the world will make everyone just a bit happier. The monkeys deserve to have proper software on the hardware they died for.

The Easier Part: Installing the ROM

I've now managed to install quite a few roms on a number of different phones and it's never been an issue. I started off with cyanogenmod on my Oneplus One (having bought a chinese grey version since Oneplus didn't, and still don't, sell in my country! installed with a undecipherable Chinese OS) and was so impressed it became a bit of a norm.

So after installing the TRWP recovery and the latest 7.1.2 lineage rom onto the S4 Iwas all optimistic and excitedly looking forward to imently heating the speed warnings blurting from my cars bluetooth speakers again.

The Hard Part: gapps

I then installed gapps. This is where the issues started. This was the beginning of the 3 days that I lost and will never get back. I would like to take this chance to apologise to family and friends for ignoring them. I didn't ignore you purposely. It was because I was busy. I was always 10 seconds away from finishing. It just so happened the 10 seconds didn't get any shorter. For three days.

But I did it in the end!

Unfortunately Setup Wizard has stopped working

SO I flashed gapps, rebooted and after waiting for longer than expected arrived at an alert:

"Unfortunately Setup Wizard has stopped working"

or was it this one?:

"gapps setup wizard has stopped"

Even though I spent 3 days staring at them I couldn't tell you which one displayed when. I just know they both haunted me.

No matter how many times I wiped the dalvik cache.
No matter which order I installed the zips.
No matter how many times I did or did not reboot inbetween steps

I could not get passed these errors.

I must have read every god dam post on how to solve this issue all to no avail. I even learnt how to run bash scripts on the phone from my pc to apply Android permissions to Google Services. It was very impressive and made me feel wholly enlightened. It did nothing the stop the errors though. Nada, nyet, zilch.

Until I Tried Something Different

As randomly as a monkey with a 1000 years to spare, I tried something a little different. Something I haven't done before. Something so cunning you could brush your teeth with it.

Actually it was fairly straight forward and I should I thought of it earlier.

I checked the internet so see if a later version of TRWP existed. It did. So I downloaded it, installed it, re-installed the lineage rom, re-installed gapps and everything worked as it should have 3 days ago.



To install
[Official] Download LineageOS Galaxy S4 Mini (Intl) (Serranoltexx) Marshmallow
on a
Samsung S4 Mini lte GT-I9195T
with gapps
ARM 7.1 pico

Ensure you are using TRWP version
(I got mine from here androidfilehost)
and not

I learnt tons of crap I wish I didn't have to in order to get this to work. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I would love to help if I can......

Also maybe read this twrp 3 has arrived

Friday, 14 July 2017

Proofide: Protect your ID when using Android Pay

"Apart from the mess it will make in my handbag I want some!"

Recently bought some proofide (Proof-ID-e) for my new leather bike seat (helps with the spondylosis). The Mrs was quite interested when it arrived and wanted to know what it was and whether she needed it too.

You won't believe what I told her, although she did!!!!!

OMG! I actually believed him! Although I was concerned about the mess it would make in my handbag!

Posted by Bernadette Vella on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Psoriatic Arthritis: To You I Look Normal

relaxing female in water

A look of puzzlement
For my whingy life
Far less patience
For self made strife

The look is daily
From Christmas to next
Why is it you ask
Why I am so vexed

Judged as normal
Through those"expert" eyes
The wonder is what has made me
Come out with all my lies

Judgments are daily
Friends and strangers tease
Sticks and stones wont hurt me
Unlike my invisible disease

The ding of a hammer
King hit on my toe
The pain sings loudly
I wish it would go

The hammer hits daily
From dawn till dusk
I don't greet it kindly
I wish for mere brusk

The end of a run
A marathon this time
My ankles throb painfully
I so wish they weren't mine

I run these jaunts daily
Each and every day
It should make me healthy
But health is at bay

The sound of a drill
Attacking my knee
Spinning metal on bone
The pain make me pee

My drilling is daily
It's not going to stop
My knee complains loudly
I'm gonna give it the chop

A fall from a ledge
Concrete meets bum
I've only just sat down
I wish it were numb

I fall almost daily
It's just what I do
My bum gets weary
Yours would too

The door slams shut
My fingers scream loud
All this as I type 
I hope you are proud

The doors slam daily
You'd know this by now
I wish this on noone
Even on thou

I hang for my life
Aching arms can not hold
Apparently it's normal
I'm not quite so sold

Hanging is daily
From impossible places
No logic or reason
There is no real basis

The furnace roars brightly
And continues to burn
No water can stop this
A freezer I yearn

The furnace burns daily
Without it we'd die
But for me and my pains
I wish it were a lie

I've been awake for a week
Or so I often think
It's only just morning
Already on the brink

The napping is daily
Ever so formal
But what would you know
To you I look normal

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Life & Chronic Pain Recipe

This family mix creates a painful, thick gravy that's fun-free. Perfect for a quick end to the night where you don't have any choice or fun.


  • Loving partner
  • House in the city
  • Kids
  • Couple of K9s
  • Well paid Job
  • Netflix
  • Nice car
  • Any chronic pain disease

Step 1
Combine some teenage years, innocence and a mix of random best friends in a medium sized High School. Slowly stir in 1⁄2 cup, maybe even 1/4 cup, of curriculum until a smooth further education forms.

Step 2
Heat the brain gently and add any first job you can find over medium-low heat. Add some new friends and a really old boss. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 1 to 2 years. 

Step 3
Now stir in at least one partner, or as many as you can handle, and leave for another 5 years or so. Once its cooked down to a single partner add some spice and turn up the heat for a further 1 to 2 years, or until new 'yous' have formed. Quickly add a K9 and any car you can find so long as it's a station wagon.

Step 4
Now wait for your pain disease, if any to form...

Step 5
Depending on the wind and the stars, you may have to add some medicine to combat any pain that may have formed. You'll know if it appears because you'll be withdrawn, uninterested and different.

Step 6 
Invite some experts to add to the pot. At this point you'll have to walk away from the kitchen all together and trust the new cooks. Your guests wont mind as they have probably left.

Step 7
Return to the kitchen and remove the lid. Your dish will look different, however it should be a flat, luke warm, with an inquisitive yet foul aroma of old people and a faint whiff of death. The heat should have been removed years ago so feel confident it will soon be permanently cold.

Step 8
Serve your dish to any remaining guests with a blank stare and a faint memory of hope.