Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Psoriatic Arthritis: To You I Look Normal

relaxing female in water

A look of puzzlement
For my whingy life
Far less patience
For self made strife

The look is daily
From Christmas to next
Why is it you ask
Why I am so vexed

Judged as normal
Through those"expert" eyes
The wonder is what has made me
Come out with all my lies

Judgments are daily
Friends and strangers tease
Sticks and stones wont hurt me
Unlike my invisible disease

The ding of a hammer
King hit on my toe
The pain sings loudly
I wish it would go

The hammer hits daily
From dawn till dusk
I don't greet it kindly
I wish for mere brusk

The end of a run
A marathon this time
My ankles throb painfully
I so wish they weren't mine

I run these jaunts daily
Each and every day
It should make me healthy
But health is at bay

The sound of a drill
Attacking my knee
Spinning metal on bone
The pain make me pee

My drilling is daily
It's not going to stop
My knee complains loudly
I'm gonna give it the chop

A fall from a ledge
Concrete meets bum
I've only just sat down
I wish it were numb

I fall almost daily
It's just what I do
My bum gets weary
Yours would too

The door slams shut
My fingers scream loud
All this as I type 
I hope you are proud

The doors slam daily
You'd know this by now
I wish this on noone
Even on thou

I hang for my life
Aching arms can not hold
Apparently it's normal
I'm not quite so sold

Hanging is daily
From impossible places
No logic or reason
There is no real basis

The furnace roars brightly
And continues to burn
No water can stop this
A freezer I yearn

The furnace burns daily
Without it we'd die
But for me and my pains
I wish it were a lie

I've been awake for a week
Or so I often think
It's only just morning
Already on the brink

The napping is daily
Ever so formal
But what would you know
To you I look normal

Thank you for reading.