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NakedMidLife wants to make your life richer, easier, healthier & most importantly a lot of fun by introducing you to practical and exciting ideas to make the most of your budget and today's technology.

Friends & Family

Before NakedMidLife our tips and tricks were limited to friends and family. Tips ranging from amazing apps or easy online discounts to how to use your insurance to get heavily discounted massages! In today's modern world there are so many benefits to be had that sometimes we forget, don't realise or simply can't keep up with the fast changing pace! With a little help from NakedMidlife, these solutions will be available to all, whether you are rich or poor, old or young, healthy or sick

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Terrifying Technology

Let's just get one thing clear up front. This site aims itself at non technical people. The friends and family that traditionally got the tips were about as technical as The Queen Mum, god bless her. If you want the solution, but not the details, this site is for you.

Technical Experience

Speaking of technology, I myself have been solving problems with technology since 1979. Inspired by my Father who worked for one of the world's largest technology companies for over 25 years, I started programming computers to help with my homework. Not too soon after I earned a Bachelour of Science in Software Engineering (with Honours!) and have now spent 20 something years developing software around the world mainly in the UK and Australia. More recently I have been an Analyst in the Research & Development department for a large IT firm and I have been lucky enough to have been at the bleeding edge of technology.

I have always been passionate about solving problems with technology.

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As life has often reminded me, the most important thing to me is my two children. I'm a very proud father, even if sometimes I feel like the world worst father, my life is my children. I am also a proud husband, a very lucky husband. I'm a proud son. I'm a proud grandson. I'm a proud brother, I'm a proud Uncle. My family is everything. In a close family sharing is everything. If we can all help each other we are all better off. I now want to share some of my passion and technical experience with you so that life can be more fun!

I must also credit my wife who will, behind the scenes contribute more than her fair share of ideas. She has had an incredible life and is an incredible person. This blog actually started as a blog about her Intimo business, selling lingerie, but soon morphed into what we are both passionate about: An easier life. I would like to quickly plug the charity she started many years ago now: Mummy's Wish and please feel free to ask about her business.

Chronic Pain

Unfortunately for me I have suffered from chronic pain for the last few years. I have arthritis and it hurts. It hurts when I wake up, all the way until when I go to bed, and it's been like this for years. I am hoping, writing this blog will help remind me of my passion and drive to continue to solve peoples problems with tech. I certainly know that arthritis has given me some serious problems to solve, and I have to admit, some are as yet, still unsolved!

The Good Life

Not so long ago I was the Secretary of the permaculture club in our local town. I loved sustainability, and self sufficiency. I use to own some land in the country and inspired by the famous 'King of Self Sufficiency' himself John Seyour I dreamed of cows, chickens and lush vegetables patches along with me ploughing the back yard alongside a young Felicity Kendal. For me, the love of the country, the love of our beautiful world, should not have to contradict our love of technology, our love of solving problems. A great example of technology and the environment are the solar panels. Hopefully the article on the Telsa Power Wall will inspire others to install solar power by showing it is one of the best financial investments anyone can make!

Where Does The Name NakedMidLife Come From?

Quite simply you will get to see me, with nothing to hide, and my passion for technology in our lives. Being middle aged, with my youngest rapidly approaching the end of high school, I have managed to accumulate some knowledge & skills that I want to share and discuss. It's a good time.

Passion for Solutions Using Technology

I am hoping to combine my deep love of our earth, my love of my family, my fighting spirit and my passion for technology to shed light on the solutions that today's technology can provide. I want to simplify this technology, make it a reality, and inspire you to use it to make your life richer, better, easier, healthier & a lot more fun.

To receive future tips and advice please follow my blog by entering your email on the right hand side or like the NakedMidLife Facebook Page

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