Thanks To My Dad

For the middle aged man that needs his Dad

Thank You Dad

I want to say thank you to my Dad. I want to say thank you Dad for being the man that I aspire to be. You have taught me everything about being a man. The biggest way I know how to say thank you is to pass what I have learnt on to my son. 


In the meantime, here are some memories I have of us.

Dad -Thank You For Being My Dad

Kite flying in the park. 

Mum was pissed but I never blamed you for going first and getting my new birthday kite caught in a tree, which was too high to get it down. I enjoyed the next week or two walking to school and seeing my kite flapping away, still in the tree. It may still be there!

Pulling me on a sledge in the snow

Never realised how knackering that must have been, but thanks I remember it as being absolutely fantastic! It's a shame I'm too big to do it now. Enjoy it while it lasts kids!

Chopping wood together

I hope I helped as much as I still think I did? My memory is of chopping a shit load of wood. I do remember our patio being a little worse for wear though.

Let's see a picture of a pretty woman chopping wood to cheer us up.

Finding wood piles in the park

Always on the search for the Holy Grail of wood piles, ones that were already cut up.

Getting Wurzel 7" Vinyl

I remember when you came back from work, having been away on a plane, you bought us back Wurzel singles. Looking back, were they for you? Did you like the Wurzels?! Haha. They are on Spotify now! And I'll give you the key!

Fireworks at your work

I have always wanted to work in an office that has fireworks ever since. I thought it happened at your work every night!

Taking Me to Uni for my First Day

I didn't realise what loneliness was until I woke up about two days after you dropped me off, once the excitement was gone. It was an unexpected shock. It just shows how good home was. Soon got over that though, and then began to Party! :-) Didn't stop for the next 10 years!

Telling me I had a new baby sister

Still remember you picking me up from school and telling me my new little sister's name. I was amazed!

Helping me mend my bikes

And letting me use your tools to do it. I only wish you would have put them back each time, they were always missing!

Helping me with my maths homework

At the time I was clueless. I now wish I had the time to learn it properly.

Letting us have pet Dogs

And a St Bernard no less! And then Mortis of course. Named Mortis as you weren't initially happy mum brought her home. She ate your plants and poo'd in your shoes but then quickly stole your heart.

Playing monopoly with me

And teaching me the power of the Orange set. Marylebone, Bow Street and Vine Street. Did you enjoy any of it? And if so, in a fatherly way, or a sadistic way?

Recording a story about me for my English homework

I wish I still had it. I wonder what happened to that TDK C90 tape? I wonder if someone finds it in 1000 years whether they'll have any concept of what it is?

Playing High Finance with me on your computer

If you wrote that now, you would be a millionaire! No kidding. My dad wrote board games onto his CPM computer back in the 80's using Basic. They were perfect in detail and, considering the limited graphics, looked utterly awesome. The sad thing for the world is that there was no internet, so only 6 people got to use it!!!!

Playing the Board Game Sorry

Loved it!

Taking me to my friends' houses when I was a teenager

At the time, it didn't seem like I was asking for much. However, now I have two teenage kids I don't seem to stop being their personal taxi service!!!! Do they say thank you? Of course not. The other day one of them, when I got them home, casually said "Finally", got out the car and wondered into the house leaving me to bring in the bags!

Playing cards whilst on Holiday

Strip Jack Naked! Not sure if you made that name up, but I have never met anyone else who's heard of it. It kept us occupied though :-)

(Photos of cards are boring, so here's a sexy woman)

Taking us on holidays to Cornwall

To see our friends. We would all concentrate in the car to be the first to see red soil!

Taking us on holidays to Majorca

Many many times! I have memories forever. I miss your parents. I think about them often. I wish I could share some of the memories with you now.

Also, do you think anyone would believe us if we told them when we first went there, there were donkey and karts everywhere!

Taking me to the Lake District

The most beautiful place in the world. We ate lots of Kendall Mint Cake. 

Taking us on holidays camping all around Europe

You worked and save up for years for the holiday. You arranged it in detail. You cut your foot open and had 17 stitches to keep your toes on, the day before we were due to leave. You still took us. Us boys had to ramp up and learn how to put a tent up. Other than that, we were kids having the best time ever creating summertime memories across France, Belgium, Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Taking us on holidays to France in the 80s

With our friends on fantastic adventures. Me, Paul and Andrew fighting wasps with dried cowpats in a French gite. It's classic Enid Blyton stuff

Taking us on holidays to France a lot

I know you only did it to get duty free alcohol and cigarettes, but it was exciting. I'm sorry I asked whether we should really be in the red lane, just as you wound you window to talk to the customs officer in the green lane. I was wedged in the back of the car between quite a lot of bottle and cartons.

Taking us on a boat to Denmark with a car, coming home without a car

We took the car onto a 19 hour ferry ride to Denmark. You got sea sick. We had excellent fun on the arcade machines. I think it was Xenon. Unfortunately, once we got to Denmark the car radiator blew in the middle of nowhere. It was cheaper to hire a rental car and buy a car once we got home, than to pay for the repairs.

I guess my memory is that it was exciting. I look back and realise how much crap that must have been for you, and how you and mum, from my point of view, kept smiles of your faces and carried on with a fantastic holiday.

Buying a Canal Boat

I can remember a cold and frosty Easter morning on the canal boat. I may have been 3. It was cosy, cold and a bit smelly because we had our pet St Bernard with us that was to grow almost as big as the boat. I was very impressed that the Easter Bunny found us and left us some eggs. In return, we left our porridge to slowly cool down and freeze on the side of the canal as we did every morning. The porridge version of Hansel & Grettel would have been proud.

This image below is of the French canals, but it's close enough.

Teaching me to Drive

I remember you driving me down the road. Parking the car. Getting out. Letting me get in the driver's seat. Briefing me on the essentials. Letting me 'ease' my foot on the accelerator and finding myself driving. I had no idea. You had balls.

Teaching me to ski

How many 12 yr olds went skiing back in the 80's! You paid for lessons before we went. You bought us new ski outfits. You took us to Europe and we loved it! All this, and you had a mortgage at the time. Thank you for being able to invest in me and our family as well as the mortgage.

Taking me on a hovercraft

Far out it was rough. I loved it! And when the duty free drinks tipped over I think I got pissed on the fumes!

Buying me an Atari console

I have to be one of the luckiest boys ever simply to be a child when this came out.

Buying me a ZX Spectrum

Ok, so you bought the Oric Atmos first. But you weren't too big to realise it was a mistake and soon bought the 'inferior' product that everyone else bought.

Buying me a ZX81

You also bought us the 16K ram pack as the ZX81 only came with 1K. It was so big and heavy it see-sawed the whole computer up!

Letting me take your ICB computer board to school 

At the time I thought it was from the ME29, the computer you won a prize for solving some issue with. However, I think since you have corrected me to say it was from a different machine. Still, I impressed my teacher, this was in 1979!

Teaching me Basic

I mastered Basic by the time I was 10. However, I remember struggling, and never coming to terms with, the book on 6502. I'm hoping I could manage it now.

A picture of some Visual Basic code
Quick Basic

Taking me to School

Do you remember taking me to school every morning when I was in primary school? I felt very special as it was just you and me.

Buying a fantastic VHS video recorder

It was a Panasonic one, top of the range. The neighbour's were jealous. I think we must have bought it earlier than most? Up your Jones's!

Taking me to see Empire Strikes Back

I think mum took us to see Star Wars with the neighbours, but I can remember lining up for one of the movies with the family.

Introducing me to the Football Pools

Neither you or I have ever filled out a coupon (I think you haven't?) but I have been consumed with the idea computers can predict football games ever since! I have an app now that can do it. It just needs fine tuning.

Boarding up the Loft and putting a Scalextric track down!

How good was that. We had nearly the length of our house to put down a semi permanent race track. You taught us to solder so we could mend our own cars. We had to mend them as we used them so much! You made scenery by melting ice cream carton and paint them with a paint and sand mixture to give them texture. You made trees by placing small cuttings into wooded holders and again painting them.

This alone must have taken up a crap load of time!

Not that I noticed at the time, I just enjoyed it. Thanks

Giving up smoking and inspiring me to give up

In truth, I started because of you. But times were different and I know how hard it was for you to give up. Would you agree it was a 10 year struggle? Looking back, you probably (almost certainly) wouldn't be here at this moment if you hadn't have gone through that struggle. 

Paying 17% interest rates on a huge mortgage

If this happened now I would be in crisis. My kids would certainly here about it.

"Can we go on holiday Dad?"
"17% kids".

"Can we go to McDonalds Dad?"
"17% kids"

"Can we have clothes to wear Dad?"
"17% kids"


As far as I remember you were working hard, and keeping me oblivious to the stress. I had holidays, McDonald's and clothes!

Always accepting my friends

Considering some of the dodgy friends I had, I can not remember you ever making any one them feel unwelcome. You wouldn't let Nolan have Sunday lunch with us, so I asked him to wait/hide in the shed. At dinner time you asked me where her was, and I remembered, he was still in the shed.

Taking me to my university interview in Kent.
What a great day. Kent Uni turned out to be a kind of modem hamlet amongst the sheep. But I got to see a university from the serious side of things. I was out of depth. I had no idea. I wish I still did!

Working together

We had a chance to work together. You hired me. To take me into your work world and have the trust and faith that I wouldn't let you down was, and is, as much as any son could ask. I think we were both lucky to have this time, as short as it was. Unfortunately, your boss decided that, under pressure to deliver something for the millions already spent, the best line of attack was ... attack. Her blood went directly towards her red hair and she went out guns-a-blazing. Most of us went with her, but somehow they managed to keep you on board. A credit to your skills and hard work.

Coming Over When I Phoned For Help

I was a wits end. I needed help. What more can I say. I called you and you were here 72 hours later. It was an 11,000 k trip. On arrival, immediately after exiting customs, you did the school run for me and they help continued non stop until I felt better and you had to go.

Having Bonfires

I loved having bonfires. Warming the frostbitten fingers. Raking leaves, smoking out the neighbours. Smoking bit of bracken! Making friends with robins. Building camps in the garden! Good winter weekend mornings.

I couldn't choose between these two images. They both remind me of our winter mornings. Any preference?

Here's a song by Jon Barker that puts it all out there so well! 


  1. Just shown this to your Dad. He's overwhelmed! :-)

  2. Splendid! I hadn't even proof read till now. There's lots of typos and errors, none were intentional, but I kind of like it that way as it shows how much I still have to learn and therefore need my dad (and mum of course!!!)